Monobank and BRAbank

Monobank and BRAbank are merging to achieve the objective of growth and to provide an area of expansion to the product/service line to offer better solutions to the market.
The merger was approved on the general assembly in March 2019 and approved by Finanstilsynet in May 2019.

How will the merger affect customers?
The merger and change of name from Monobank to BRAbank will not lead to any changes in our services. We will continue as prior to the merger – with the same people, same services and the same values.
Our products and services will not be affected:
o Credit cards and app will function as prior to merger
o Your deposits will be just as safe as prior to merger
o Online banking will function as prior to merger

Will there be any changes to the terms & conditions?
Clients will be notified in the event of any changes to the terms & conditions. Possible changes cannot happen before the merger is completed.

BRAbank customer?
If you’re a BRAbank client, you’ll receive information from BRAbank until the merger is completed in June 2019.


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